7 Ways to Stay Motivated As We Age


7 Ways to Keep Living On PurposeWe need motivation as we age.

I notice that I’m not as easily motivated as I was when I was a full time mom with kids running around.

It was amazing how much multi tasking I could do and still keep going.

I’m watching my son and daughter as they become parents and I am exhausted!  How did I do that as a parent?

I know that I went full speed (without a full night’s sleep) because that’s just what I had to do. These children were depending on me to keep them alive.

As I age, it’s easy to not be motivated .

I remember hearing older women talk about how they didn’t want to cook any more now that the kids were out of the house.

That sounded crazy!  I would always make 3 squares a day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to cook.  I actually find it therapeutic.  Chopping and sauteing, and smelling the different spices is wonderful.

But now I understand what those women meant. I still work full time and it’s easier to have eggs and toast for dinner than to spend time cooking a meal.

The same is true for my house.  I used to clean my house every Saturday.  I liked things clean and orderly (just like my mom) and I was teaching the kids life lessons by making them take care of the house they lived in…and made a mess in.

Now I’m perfectly fine with cleaning every 2 or 3 weeks.

Am I lazy? No, I just have more important life stuff to do.  The cleaning can wait.

So how do I get motivated?

7 Ways to Stay Motivated As We Age

Don’t give up on life. It’s easy to slip into a comfortable pattern, but a healthy mental and emotional state requires you to participate in life every day.

Positive slope or negative slope

It’s the glass half empty/half full consideration. You choose how to respond.

Will you find the good in a situation, no matter how small or will you respond with a negative attitude and negative words all the time.

Be intentional

It’s easy to waste time throughout your day and this is true no matter what your age.

To be intentional and to use your time well, you have to first know how you spend your time.

I want to share a very valuable tool with you. It’s simple, but very effective.

I recently did this exercise and was AMAZED at what I found out.

For the next week, I want you to track how you spend your time, from when you get up until you go to bed.

For those of you who like to view the week all at once and write short notes, here is your sheet.

How I Spend My Time-Week View

For those of you who like to have more detail and want to make longer notes, here is a sheet that you can print every day.

How I Spend My Time-Daily View

Be committed to doing this for one week. You will discover hidden gems of 15-30 minutes to complete little tasks that you keep putting off.

Do it for yourself and those who love you

Eat healthy, exercise, stay positive.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated to eat the right things, exercise when you’re tired and to not fall into a blue mood.

When you have those moments, don’t allow them to turn into hours or days of a downward spiral. Find a picture of the person who you love and who loves you in return.

I think of my kids and my grandkids and I want to be healthy and active for a very long time.  That motivates me to not order dessert (all the time) and to put my sneakers on and get out the door. It’s the little things, done well, over a consistent period of time, that makes a difference as we age.

Never stop learning

Just look around and you will be examples of amazing people who are motivated to living their age well.

I recently went through a citizen class that taught us about our county government.  In the class was a 90 year old man with his daughter, who was probably in her 60s.  That man was sharp and engaged and pretty agile for 90.

After they introduced themselves, his daughter said he was a life-long learner and he asked her to bring him to class.

That’s an example we all need to follow. Stay motivated, stay engaged. Find something you’re interested in and learn something new.

Stop listening to negative news

Is there any good news out there?  It seems like you have to really look for it.

Negative thoughts, words and pictures constantly bombard our senses causing us to worry and become negative ourselves.

If you are a news junkie, and many people are, turn it off for one day, then two days and then a week.

There has to be a balance of absorbing good and positive things into our lives.

Be present in the now

Find someplace where you can watch children play in the water and see how they are fully engaged and having fun. You’ll find that children’s laughter and excitement is contagious.

Stop and smell the flowers on your walk. Watch the robins as they look for worms. Skip a rock in the river. Enjoy a sunset.

Don’t miss life.

Do Something that Makes You Feel Like a Kid

We’ve forgotten how it feels to have our heart be free.

What did you love to do as a child?  Close your eyes and think of the good things that you loved as a kid.

Ride a bike. Play ball. Catch fireflies. Go fishing. Watch the clouds. Read a book with a flashlight.

Stay motivated. Plan your day. Have fun in life. Age well.

Comment below and share the things that you loved to do as a kid.

Kristy KlenkKristy Klenk has reached the 55 (and counting) birthday and finds this stage of life and aging an interesting adventure. Over the past 20 years she has been on a journey of living a holistic lifestyle and continues to research its positive effects on aging.


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