About Me

Once you get past the age of 50 (I’ve lived over half my life already! Eeeek!), an About Me page can get pretty detailed, so I’ll make this brief.

I’m a grandma, aka “Nana”, which is THE best title in the whole wide world!  I believe children keep me young.  Just watching them explore the world and learn new things is fascinating.

By day, I’m an accountant.  That’s right, a true numbers nerd.  Ask me to create a spreadsheet and produce a report and I’m all over it.

But what really drives me is that I’m an info nerd as well. I am a life-long learner so gathering information and doing research is what makes me tick.

I didn’t become an accountant until I was 51.  Since learning and education excite me, I went back to college at 49 and worked my tail off through a 2 year online degree.  I now have a piece of paper that says I have a Masters of Science in Accounting.  Best decision I ever made.

I climbed my first (and only) 14er when I was 48.

With the children raised and with those two big things checked off the list, I feel like I can face anything, including this aging thing.

My favorite thing to do is sit down with a good mystery on a chilly afternoon with a warm blanket and my cat.

My favorite outdoor activity is biking because it makes me feel like a kid again.  My other favorite outdoor activity is hiking, especially in the Rocky Mountains.

And cookies are my favorite food…with a hot cup of tea…and a book…and my cat.