Analyzing your health


Has your health been so poor for so long that you don’t even know how bad you actually feel? It’s time to analyze your health so you can address the issues.

Assess your health

I had my first appointment with a functional medicine doctor on Tuesday. It was an interesting appointment. Before I went in, I completed 17 pages of paperwork asking for health history by sections of my body; brain, eyes, ears, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, etc. This was the best thing I could have done. It made me think of my body in parts instead of just saying that I generally don’t feel well.

I also included a 2-page health history timeline of all that I have dealing with over the past 5 years, which health practitioner I saw for each issue, and the results. This was eye opening. No wonder I’m so tired of being sick. It’s been way too many years since I’ve felt good. I think I’ve just learned to live with not feeling well and have made it my new ‘normal’.

Face the reality

Before he looked at any of the paperwork, he ran through a series of external ‘tests’ including the usual knee and elbow reflexes, and tracking a pen with my eyes. He also had me take my shoes and socks off and after about 10 minutes of doing other ‘tests’, we looked at my ankles and feet and they were purple! Even my ankles were slightly swollen. I’d never looked that closely at my feet and ankles before. Obviously I have poor circulation in my lower extremities.

The interesting ‘test’ that he did was to have me balance on one foot. I try to practice this on occasion when I exercise, but have noticed that I’m not very good at it lately. He then had me close my eyes. I couldn’t balance hardly at all and I was worse on one side than the other. He explained that my brain can’t tell myself where I am in space. But it gets even more interesting.

He had me stand against a wall and start marching in place and then close my eyes. I kept marching for about 1 minute. When I opened my eyes, I had moved across the room! I didn’t even feel like I had moved from one spot. Again, my brain can’t tell myself where I am in space.

I’m not sure how that will be addressed, but I’m fascinated to learn about it.

Identify basic health issues

  • It’s obvious that my psoriasis is returning. The patches on my thigh and the back of my neck continue to grow.
  • The tightness in my lower legs is becoming more of a concern. It used to just be cramps, but now the legs are tight and ache if I stand too long. And there’s that more circulation thing that is concerning for sure.
  • I’m suffering from poor digestion. He mentioned that we’ll work on healing my gut, which I have worked on in the past, but need to concentrate on more.
  • Anxiety is a real issue. Everything is a big deal right now, even the little stuff that shouldn’t affect me. The more I try to control it, the worse it gets.
  • A sluggish brain. Some people call it brain fog, but I feel like I can’t even get my brain going sometimes. Being an accountant and working at a fast-paced job, I need my brain to work at it’s peak.

I’m not going to lie. All of this evaluation has been a little overwhelming. Taking the time to answer 17 pages of health history made me face reality. I can’t ignore some of these symptoms and I certainly am not enjoying my age right now.

I went back in for another test (more on that in another post) to provide the doctor with a baseline for future sessions. I have a follow up appointment May 2 where the doctor will provide his recommendations based on all he’s learned. I’m anxious to hear what the plan is and I am so ready to begin feeling better.

Disclaimer: Information found on this website or links to other websites are for informational purposes only and not intended for medical advice.  You know your body and your physical, emotional and mental situation. Consult your physician before making any changes.

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Kristy Klenk has reached the 57 (and counting) birthday and finds this stage of life and aging an interesting adventure. For over 20 years she has been on a journey of living a holistic lifestyle and continues to research its positive effects on aging.

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