Benefits of an alkaline diet


I have now been on an less acidic, more alkaline diet for two weeks. My initial test strip reading was 6.0, with 6.75 to 7.25 being a good pH balance. My reading today was 6.75! This was after just two weeks of changing my diet.

Benefit #1 – Easy to incorporate

Some diets have you turning your life upside down until you hate every meal and give up. Start simply by making sure that you eat alkaline foods with every acidic food. This is made easy by printing a food list and putting in on your fridge. Even eating out will become easier as you add grilled veggies or make a salad the main meal.

Benefit #2 – Helps digestion

The pairing of foods gives the stomach and digestion system a better balance. I experienced less heartburn, gas and bloating. I noticed this from day one and continue to feel much better throughout the day. Let’s talk openly here…eating this way makes bowel movements easier and occur more often, which is how a properly functioning digestive system is supposed to work.

Benefit #3 – Better sleep

With my digestive system working better and my body not being as acidic, I am sleeping so much better. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. I had already removed black tea and caffeine from my diet several months ago, but also removed chocolate, which contains caffeine.

Benefit #4 – Weight loss

With better digestion, I’ve lost a few pounds. While this wasn’t my goal, it was certainly an added bonus! Plus, less bloating helps my clothes fit better, which makes me feel even better.

Benefit #5 – Eases night time leg cramps

I have not experienced the jump-out-of-bed leg cramps at night. Yay! I do still feel a twinge at least once a night that tells me it could still turn into a knotted calf, but I’ve been able to relax, change positions and ward off a full cramp. To see if this diet has truly been the key to the imbalance in my body causing the cramps, I want to give it two more weeks and will continue to provide periodic updates and share how this diet has helped.

Comment below with questions or let me know how changing to an alkaline diet has helped with your health issues.

Kristy KlenkKristy Klenk has reached the 55 (and counting) birthday and finds this stage of life and aging an interesting adventure. For over 20 years she has been on a journey of living a holistic lifestyle and continues to research its positive effects on aging.


Disclaimer: Information found on this website or links to other websites are for informational purposes only and not intended for medical advice.  You know your body and your physical, emotional and mental situation. Consult your physician before making any changes.


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  1. Sarah says

    This post is great! And a good reminder to look at more than just HOW MUCH you’re eating…we also need to pay attention to our weekly intake of WHAT we’re eating. Something to think about for sure!

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