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In my last blog post, I shared how to test your body’s pH balance. On a scale of 4.5 to 9.0, a normal pH balance would be 6.75 to 7.25. After testing on two different days, my body has an acidic reading of 6.0. I need to be more alkaline.

The goal of this dietary change is to see if this will help relieve the leg cramps that I experience mainly at night. Cramps in my calves, feet and on each side of my lower leg wake me up almost every night. What I choose to put in my body during the day, may have a big impact on how it responds during sleep.

I have now learned which foods are acidic in the body and which are alkaline. After much research, I created this quick list that I hang on my fridge, which is a range of foods from highly acidic to highly alkaline.

Snipit of a list of alkaline foodsSnipit of an acidic food list

Click here to download a complete Alkaline-Acidic Food List

Acidic Foods

Snipit of highly acidic foods

Let’s look at the highly acidic and highly alkaline groups.

The first step was to see how many highly acidic foods were in my diet every day.


  • Black tea – there it is. This explains why the intensity of the legs cramps eased when I stopped drinking it.
  • Cocoa/Chocolate – looks like even the dark chocolate, 70%+ cocoa, is still to acidic
  • Mustard
  • Rice Syrup – this is in a lot of gluten-free items
  • Vinegar – I use vinegar and oil every day on my salad
  • Cheese – I have to limit this because I’m lactose intolerant, but it was still in my diet
  • Eggs – I ate two eggs almost every morning
  • Beef/chicken – One or the other every day including turkey bacon

What I don’t want to do is go extreme with this change of diet. I can’t remove protein from my diet and be a vegetarian, which I tried several years ago. I discovered that I’m hypoglycemic and although others say a vegetarian diet helps, it doesn’t work for me.

Alkaline Foods and food pairing

Snipit of highly alkaline foods

Because I want a food plan that becomes a lifestyle and not a short term fad, I found the best way to do it.

I decided to keep my diet the same and pair the acidic foods with foods from the alkaline list and specifically from the highly alkaline foods.

  • Avocado – Easy to eat 1/2 in the morning and take the other 1/2 for lunch, with lemon juice
  • Broccoli/Kale/Strings Beans – Steam and eat with eggs for breakfast, scrambled or in an omelet
  • Cabbage/Celery/Cucumber/Sprouts – add to a salad with diced chicken
  • Tomato – make a BLT but keep it as a salad without the bread or use sprouted grain bread

In my next blog, I will share how my body has responded to this pairing of foods.

I will also have periodic updates on YouTube.

Kristy KlenkKristy Klenk has reached the 55 (and counting) birthday and finds this stage of life and aging an interesting adventure. For over 20 years she has been on a journey of living a holistic lifestyle and continues to research its positive effects on aging.


Disclaimer: Information found on this website or links to other websites are for informational purposes only and not intended for medical advice.  You know your body and your physical, emotional and mental situation. Consult your physician before making any changes.

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